Just a guy who enjoys thinking about what could be. I build things for startups and communties.

Each week I send something out to the team to give them an update on how we’re operating at an organizational level. Here’s an excerpt of that:

  • We’ll be evaluating 4 deals this month (most ever) but probably won’t be the highest this year
  • We have added 20 team members to the Sleep program — some of whom have indicated they want to lead a future ecosystem
  • We are hopefully going to have discussions with more ecosystem partners this week

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For an entire year, we’ve been looking at the M&A statistics change en masse. We have seen so many companies flush with more cash, but also with tailwinds of lessened CAPEX due to the pandemic, snap-up startups left and right.

Some would say that it’s a buyer's market. Typically, they…

Every week I send out a message to our team that gives them updates on our strategic direction and the tactics that the executive team are taking to move the company forward. Here are some of the highlights:

  • A lot of focus is closing down 2–5 partnerships for next year — each one worth around $125,000 apiece
  • We are looking to monetize our beta user list with our Emily Product — we have about 20–25 which we believe may result in a $15–20,000 revenue line. Let me know if you’re interested in leading that company as a GM (basically a CEO of the product).
  • We are about to begin interviewing for Director of Ops at KnowCap Detroit, to follow on our recruitment of a Creative Director for the next ecosystem



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